Sis. Mary Ngina W.

Since we started the prayer and the Bible School I have been experiencing great things upon my life and even to my family members.  And most of my time the Spirit of God is already upon me.  The fire of the Lord have been burning in me, although the fear is like the Lord have been carrying me by His hands.  Sometimes I never understand, what the Lord is doing in my life.

In the beginning I used to hear the voice of God at the times and we use to negotiate together with the Lord Jesus.  Whenever I have a question He answer it immediately even the small question.  It have been amazing to me to see walking with the Lord Jesus like a friend.  Most of my time I feel to be alone with Him than anything else.  He also reviewed many things upon my life and even secret things is like mirror infront of me, e.g. when we shifted to the new church building, I saw the enemy is about to attack the church that day I come to church and sensed an awkward spirit that I have never heard before but when people prayed it was no more there, but later the attack followed.

Later when our brother was in prison, everybody was scared for the years he will be in jail.  But in me, I felt in my spirit that he is going for months and I was with full confidence about it.  But I kept quiet with my Lord Jesus.

Also the second coming of Pastor Adams, I was in my work place and the strong presence of God came upon me, but I was afraid.  I had to lie down in the Lord’s presence, it was too much that I couldn’t speak or stand.  Later in my calm spirit, something cool and smooth stroke started moving slowly, slowly up and down my body all over, from the head to the toe, it was like the hand of God touching me very calm and ­­­­sweet.  It happened for the whole week every time I lie down.  But my back was hot and burning.

I came on Sunday morning, and our Pastor Strickland announced that God is healing  sickness  that people don’t know about it.  Suddenly the voice of God came to me, I healed you because I have a mission with you.  I was shocked!  I have been crippled for more than 10 years and I was not aware.  Also, when Rev. Adams was preaching he said, because of prayer the Lord have changed someone’s life for the coming 15 years.  I was very glad and give thanks and worship God freely.  Most of my time I wanted to be alone with my Lord Jesus.  When I pray for people, they received miracles in their lives.

Later, trials came too much and became weak in my faith, but the Lord have been faithful lifting me up in times of need.  Now I am very strong and focused unto Him and nothing will hinder me from going forth for Jesus, not by might, not by power but the Spirit says the Lord.

* * *

My name is Sharoon John. I am a Pakistani Christian. I am an active member of The Crossroads UPCI church in Athens-Greece, and a 2nd year student of Athens Bible College.

Few months ago I was accused falsely of providing help to human traffickers by giving them my sim card. so one morning some policemen came to my house and arrested me and put me in the jail to wait for the date of the court hearing in the island of Kos. Although I was completely innocent in that matter and I had never been involved in such kind of activity in my life, I wondered how these criminal people had got the access to my ID and got secure a sim card for mobiles in my name. The whole church was praying behind me and asking God to set me free, but God had already decided to put me in the jail for a mission. That mission was to save those souls which were in the jail for long time and waiting for the hope.

Before they shifted me to Kos island they kept me in the prison of Athens for almost 10 days. Even though I was not so happy there in the beginning but God’s hand and favor was upon me. That’s why I made a decision to serve God and to benefit the life of someone through the knowledge and experience I got from the Athens Bible College in the last 1 and half year.  So I gathered 5 African boys and started teaching them the truth about One God, Baptism of water in Jesus name, baptism of the Holy Ghost and some other basic doctrines of the Bible.  Three (3) of those 5 accepted the truth but 2 of them they didn’t.  But we 6 people started a kind of small church in the jail of Athens.  Three (3) times a day we gathered ourselves doing a sort of church service – sing songs of praises to God, opening the word of God, holding hands together praying and crying for salvation. We had a great time of revival in that place.  Prisoners from different countries and different religions and the policemen used to watch us and ask us many questions about our apostolic prayer way. I used to give them biblical answers to satisfy their hearts.  I tried my best to teach them what I have gotten from my teachers in the Athens Bible College.

After few days spending in the jail of Athens, they have shifted me in Kos island jail where I had to wait for my court hearing.  In the first few days I was very disappointed there because I had no one there to teach the Bible study. But after few days God sent 2 African boys shifted from another jail.  I invited them to have a bible study in the library of the jail and they agreed then a Syrian boy asked me to teach him English and I invited him to join us in our 9 o’clock bible study in the library.

God started moving among us and these 3 accepted the truth and I cannot believe that God used me 3 months to ground the life of 3 people and they accepted Jesus Christ as one God.  We had 90 consecutive bible studies in 3 months.  I gave them what I had got from bible school. God changed the life of that Syrian boy also. He was non Christian before but now he is Christian and he has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior.  Although he is still in the jail, but we are in contact every week, and he is growing in the Lord and God is moving in his life. He is ready to be baptized in Jesus name and willing to receive the Holy Ghost also.

I give glory to God for everything, and especially I am thankful for the awesome role of the Athens Bible College in my life. Through the efforts of our teachers with the supervision of our educational director and pastor, we are growing in such a beautiful way that we are determined to serve God in any kind of situation. I believe that God is preparing an army of warriors in this Bible college to destroy the kingdom of hell and to win the souls for the kingdom of God.

* * *

Sis. Rubilyn had gone to Singapore 10 years ago and had fallen and severely hurt her shoulder.  While we were in Athens, she slipped coming out of the bus and injured her shoulder again.  She had x-rays and was surgery bound.  She did not have the money and she was in much pain.  We prayed for her and she felt much heat go through her arm and shoulder.  We prayed for her two more times, and the third time, all the pain left and she had full mobility.

* * *

Sis. Donna fell 20 feet off a roof years ago and had several surgeries.  We prayed God would heal her neck and shoulders and take away the pain.  The pain totally left and she was able to lay on the altar and pray intercession again.

* * *

The week we left, she twisted her foot very badly and could not walk.  We prayed, and the next morning she was fully healed.

* * *

Many were healed in the Bible school as we taught about the gifts of the Spirit.

Sis. Rosiel had holes in her ears for many years and asked we pray for her.  She later realized her ears no longer were hurting her when sitting in front of sound speakers!  She tapped her ears a few times to see if she felt any pain – nothing!  Completely healed.

Bro. Sharoon came to our Thanksgiving dinner sick.  When he opened his mouth to give God praise and submit to God’s call on his life, God immediately healed him.  He was later also healed of an ear infection.

Marianne’s husband is very disabled and has diabetes very badly.  He was put into the hospital and she came to the Thanksgiving dinner crying because he was dying.  However, he had not been baptized yet.  So we prayed and God brought him back from near death.

Sis. Marivic asked prayer for a lump and God made it disappear.  She was totally healed.

One lady came for prayer and Dennis had two of the children come and lay hands on her.  She was healed by the touch of innocent hands and Jesus name.

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