Sunday, April 5, 2015. (please find below link videos and photos)

Wonderful! the church service starts with prayer, praise and worship. God sweeps the congregation with the powerful presence of His Spirit. As we lifted His Name, His Glory came down. Today Bro. Sharoon and his brother sang a Special Song for the Lord and saint to worship once again and God filled the sanctuary of his awesome presence. Glory!!!

Announcement made by Pastor Sim: Board meeting in the evening today; elders, overseers and group leaders next week, Meteora trip (VBS) on Monday 13th, Sunday school in progress during the service and CAS resumes at 4 pm.

Prior to pastor preaching, he shared his vision of a man wearing white clothes has been arrested by two men and brought out in the church. Then his interpretation followed.

Rev. Strickland preached about ‘MOVED WITH COMPASSION’. When Jesus saw the multitude He was moved with compassion, there were healing and miracles happened. So we too, need to be moved with compassion to show a real love to the lost, sinners!!! Our spirits and our hearts were hardened to be moved by the Spirit of God. We become immune to the sensitivity of the things that did not disturb anymore. Be compassionate, soften and have tender hearts and be quick to pray for others instead of personal. It’s about the kingdom of God, soul saving business.!!! (ml)

Also, kindly refer to the photo below for there were 2 souls submitted themselves to baptism (Bro. Sharoon John’s brother and sis. wife from Holland.)

Moved with compassion-feature

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