Glyfada Church (Crossroads, UPCI-Athens)

The Glyfada Church is a daughter church of the Crossroads, United Pentecostal Church International-Athens (UPCI-Athens).  Bro. Larry Bunaguen is the designated overseer of the church under the supervision of Rev. Jonathan Carl Strickland, the missionary pastor of the UPCI here in Athens, Greece. The Glyfada Church started its first Sunday service with an attendance of 37 including 7 visitors last October 02, 2011 at the Four Seasons Hotel (roof top) 79 Posidonos Avenue Glyfada, which is approximately 100 meters from the center bus stop towards Voula.  The Four Seasons Hotel for the meantime serves as the place of worship for the church Sunday services that starts at 11:00 O’clock in the morning until 1:00 O’clock in the afternoon.  We thank and praise God for the regular attendance of 25 to 35 people every Sunday including two Greek brothers and 1 Filipino/Iranian youth.  At 2:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon, right after the lunch break fellowship, we are also offering a free bible study. The first baptized in Jesus Name was Bro. Norland Julliane, a 3rd Engineer seaman from Cavite, Philippines last October 16, 2011.  After a few months of fellowshipping with us, he decided to go back home and is continuing serving the Lord.  He was surprised when he discovered that there is a church very close to his new house in Cavite. As an overseer of the Glyfada Church, Bro. Larry was so blessed to see the responses of the people in hearing the word of God.  Truly they have the heart to serve and worship God.  What a privilege for us brethren to be used by God in this country of Greece,  we are all part of this victory.  “Soul is the heart beat of God” and let us not forget too that “souls” are the motivating factor of every ministry and gift inside the church.  For the musicians, use your God’s given talent to bless people with your songs; for the prayer ministry, keep on praying/crying for souls; for the evangelism ministry, keep on reaching out souls for Christ; for the teachers, keep on teaching people; and for the preachers, keep on delivering annointed messages. All glory, honor and thanksgiving belongs to our God Jesus Christ.

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