Women, The Womb and Culture

Women, The Womb and Culture by Rev. Dyron Adams


Genesis 4::1:1 kings 5:4


After the creation, everything God saw all things were good except Man’s solitude. And so God made a woman from the beauty and wisdom of Adam. The womb or the culture is the setting of growth. It provides an environment of growth. A woman is a helpmeet to the man. But it doesn’t mean she is inferior . She is the power and helper to him. God wants growth and culture. In Hebrew river means increase expansion -the people of God are flowing, rapid increase, burst out, means over flowing and fruitful!!It is impossible to have a child with out God. Also spoke of a city without the enemy. A city without Satan. If you don’t grow up then the enemy come up. So to see growth, speak powerfully to people!!

WOMEN, THE WOMB AND CULTURE (Preaching by: Rev. Dyron Adams)

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