Kingdom Qualified

Kingdom Qualified



 Guest Speaker Rev Dyron Adams

Text :Genesis 11:1-9

Message :To the Romans the Apostles – their work is to teach their culture to new territories. To be an Apostolic is to teach the culture of the living God to new territories. To teach everywhere about the kingdom culture. Greater expansion is the resurrection power. Easter is celecbrate the expansion of the resurrection power! To make the world right side up! The Apostles were from running to transforming. Transition comes in the Resurrection power. When God speaks He creates! When God speaks, chaos change to order. What God speaks to you and walks with you, he changes us. God fullness can only be seen when he flows through His people. Loosing his power and light through you. And what creates in your mind birth in your life. The physical universe responds to the Apostolic spoken words. If human intentions agreed to intentionsof the Almighty God! Phil 3:20.





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