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By Rev.Sim Strickland 

Amazing is our God. I want to record these two amazing events that God did a few days ago at the Crossroads church in Athens, Greece. 

During our nightly prayer vigil, a strong urge came upon me to shout out at the top of my lungs these phrases. “Get in the church now” and “It is your only escape!” I repeated it again but by making it directed to individuals and or groups of people,” Manolis, get in the church now!” “Backsliders get in the church now. It is your only way out!” After a while I gathered those that were present and shared what the Spirit spoke to me. We then all repeated the shout out again, each for their own purposes. The next day one sinner husband who does not like the church people asked his wife to go with her on a church excursion with church people. Sister D was ecstatic about the result. A backslide sister of which we had screamed at her that night to “get back in church” was miraculously put into a hospital around the corner from where I live. You see, she lived way out from church, and had contracted pneumonia. With hundreds of hospitals in Athens of which many were closer she was sent to the hospital near the church and my apartment. She knew and I knew and we all knew that God had made the miraculous arrangement. We went to visit and pray with her and God did his business. That was day one after the prayer meeting; day 2 was amazing as well. Sunday there were 4 Sri Lankan backsliders that returned home after years of straying. What made this significant also was we had targeted this group in our shout. There were also a few Punjabi brothers that returned as well and 2 Indian mothers’ first time visitors of which one received the Holy Ghost. Many other events took place on this weekend of which I will report later. The message, however, that I want to relate is the phenomenon of the shout out. How do we analyze it to understand what made it work when we have shouted without such results. 
1) I believe it was God inspired. It is like God gave a directive to be obeyed.
2) The obedience at the moment was the cause more than the shout.
3) In the moment (a window), as though there was a window, a time limit or season in which it would be effective.
4) There was a cause and/or need 
5) There must be an action of faith

What about the SHOUT OUT? Does it have some validity? 
Most recently, Bro. Lee Stoneking shared a spiritual insight that God had spoken to him relative to the shouting at Jericho that caused the walls to fall. He researched some more and came up with scientific proof that through studies that when the human voice shouts that it “shred the air.” The Bible is full of references where He calls for a “shout”. 
Many years ago during a revival in Lafayette, Louisiana God was blessing but no one was receiving the Holy Ghost. On the Sunday morning the altar was full of souls seeking for the Holy Ghost but there seemed to be a barrier of some sorts. My mother who was working in the altar heard a still small voice say to her, “Give 3 war whoops!” She dismissed it as a crazy idea but she heard it again more forcefully, “Give 3 war whoops!” Again she pondered it and was weigh the repercussions of the action when she heard it again. This time she thought of Apache Indians and began to scream in some God only knows fashion. Amazingly, a roar arose for all those in the altar, because 7 people instantaneously began to speak in tongues and magnify God. Naturally the saints never miss an occasion for a victory dance or ceremony with angels.

On another occasion I remember challenging a demon to come out of a person when by inspiration I new to scream with all my strength commanding the demon leave upon which he was pleased to depart.

I am not attempting to write an article but only share a recent spiritual victory with some validation.


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