An awesome move of God in the service today Sunday with the glorious praise and worship. Consequently, Rev. Sim Strickland preached the word. The message relates back to the presentation of the Solomon’s Temple, which its dedication transcends every preparation ever made in all the bible and history. The presentation is massive as manifested by the choir, orchestra, cymbals and all sorts instruments of music that became as one sound praising and thanking the LORD “His mercy endureth forever.” The Shekinah glory as a cloud filled the house.

This atmosphere and experience in the presence of God during that time because of the efforts and care devoted upon the presentation can abound and can be found in the church. Hence the message goes on outlining three presentations of the church; as follows: 1) Presenting ourselves 2) Presented by ministry and 3) Unto himself. The church receive the rewards of stars of souls won, crown of righteousness and rejoicing.

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