T H E  C R O S S R O A D S – H I S T O R Y

The Crossroads International Christian Center, UPC, Athens, Greece, is located strategically in Europe and the 1040 window. Crossroads, being an international church, is composed of 17 nationalities. The Alan Demos Family began this work and left a legacy of great teaching to build upon. The Filipino group started when Missionary Sim Strickland invited a Filipino sister to attend the church in the middle ‘80’s. A Home Bible Study was taught to this sister Louisa by AIMER Jenny Miller. Through that sister and the love to reach souls, the church grew more and more , not only in numbers but in their walk with God. Home Bible Studies were the major tool at that time and still is. In the early ‘90’s the Church doubled in numbers. As the country was flowing in with foreigners so was the church. A Filipino sister married to a Greek has been an instrumental tool who brought many into the country. This surely was arranged and fashioned by God. That open door brought a new harvest of souls selected and chosen for a specific task by God. The brethren who knew Christ in their home country (Philippines) were a great help in laying down the foundation of Crossroads. Most of them have moved to other countries and still continue in their call. Those who had received the message here in the 80’s mostly went back home with the message of truth, impacted their family and their world. About three of that group are now pastors of churches. Those who came in the ‘90’s mostly went home too. Four in that group accepted the mantle of pastor. Many of that number are still faithful in serving God in their respective provinces or cities. Some sisters went on and started two fellowships in Israel. Others started groups in Sri Lanka, India, Ireland, Armenia and England. We that are still here are continuing and walking in our reason and purpose. We have a call to be united in reaching the same goal and purpose of the church which is, to REACH, TEACH and SEND. Here, I would like to honor men of God who have won our respect and love for years: Rev. & Mrs. Alan Demos, who started the Crossroads on a solid foundation, Rev. & Mrs. Sim Strickland, the father and mother of us all whose labor, teaching and prayer will be in our hearts, soul and mind the rest of our lives, Rev. & Mrs. Jonathan Strickland, whose visionary minded heart has taken us to a higher level in God. May this story be an encouragement to you. I do not know your story, but one thing I do know – God didn’t call us out of our country for money which is just for a moment but we are chosen for a greater reason and that is SOULS. May we have the spirit of Queen Esther who took no thought of her life to save her people!

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