Greetings in the wonderful name of The Lord Jesus Christ. These are the days of revival and harvest. They represent the last harvest season before the LORD Jesus comes back for His Bride! As I have travelled in the past years to preach in other nations, I have noticed a great awakening that is taking place across the globe.   This spiritual awakening is two fold. First, there is a harvest of souls that have been sincere to their faith and religion, but not satisfied because of the lack of the fullness of truth. These people are getting restless in their traditional religion and are seeking a fresh relationship with God. This “seeking” is leading them to the knowledge of Jesus name baptism, Holiness and the revelation of the Oneness of God! In the last two years, I have baptized or led others into being re-baptized, that were saints or even pastors and ministers of traditional, trinitarian religion, more than ever before! This represents that great spiritual awakening.   Secondly, there are those who have had the Holy Ghost for years, but they were more religious Pentecostals, who believed and obeyed the Gospel, but they had not pursued the passionate relationship of knowing Jesus in a real, living way. I see a very strong movement among our own saints who are no longer satisfied with just being saved and going to Heaven, but are awakening to a strong desire to know Him! Like the lyrics of the song say that I recently heard when visiting Crossroads UPC in Athens Greece during their National Conference, “We don’t want your blessings, we want You! THAT is so descriptive of the spiritual hunger that I am experiencing around the world among the people of the Name!   It all became even more clear and distinct in my soul, as I stood on the steps of the Capital building in Jackson, Mississippi, USA for an Apostolic Prayer Rally and heard our Governor and other state legislators speak of the “great spiritual awakening” that was “beginning in Mississippi and spreading across our nation!” My soul leapt up in praise because I realized that the stage is set for the Apostolic Pentecostals to take our rightful place in spiritual leadership and lead the hungry masses to a new and real relationship with our LORD Jesus Christ in the fullness of truth and revelation!   NOW is the time for revival and harvest during this last great spiritual awakening and we must not miss this vast opportunity! Let’s awake ourselves and be ready to become His harvesters in these last days! Awake O Zion and trim your lamps for the Lord is coming soon!   Yours for the cause of spreading the whole Gospel to the whole world!        Dr. Mike Dobbs; Presbyter, Mississippi, USA

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