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Untitled5454Rev. and Mrs. Sim Strickland

Sim Strickland was attending USL on a scholarship as a baseball pitcher, and as God would have it, USL would be the place that he would meet his wife, Judy, who was a devout Catholic and worked at the Catholic center. Bro. Strickland was immediately enamored so they began to date, fell in love, and Sis. Strickland agreed to marry Bro. Strickland in 1967. After their engagement, Bro. Strickland received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost, and accepted the call that he had felt on his life since he was a young child, and went to Texas to enroll in Bible College. Bro. Strickland then placed all wedding plans on hold until Sis. Strickland came to the Lord and received the Holy Ghost a few months later. Bro. and Sis. Strickland were then free to unite in Holy Matrimony, and this they did on January 13, 1968, after which they returned to Texas so Bro. Strickland could resume his studies at TBC. 

After leaving Texas, they worked in a church as the Assistant Pastor, and were passionate about working to further the Kingdom. The Lord soon opened a door for them to establish a church in Columbus, GA, and the Stricklands confidently walked through the door knowing they were in the center of His will. Bro. and Sis. Strickland labored in Georgia for three years, and the Lord enabled them to leave the church with new property that housed a church facility and ministerial quarters before the Lord ordered their steps to Thibodaux, LA.

During the thirteen years the Stricklands were in Thibodaux, the Lord wrought many marvelous works, and established a testament of what their calling, passion, toil, and anointing can achieve. Using Bro. and Sis. Strickland as His chosen vessels, the Lord grew a church from ground zero to around 150 members, instituted a Christian school, and developed the church property and ministerial home . Under their remarkable leadership, the A.C.E. certified Christian school thrived, and for the last three years the Stricklands were in Thibodaux, took first place championship in every category at the A.C.E. state convention. They witnessed extraordinary church growth, saw many signs and wonders, and left a legacy of faith, unity, and good stewardship. It was at this time in their ministry that the Lord began to pave the way for them to fulfill their calling to serve as missionaries to the country of Greece.

Upon placing their feet on Greek soil, the Lord brought the right people at the right time into their lives, and they were able to quickly connect with the existing Apostolic movement in Greece. While this is impossible for man, God was able to accomplish it without delay. The Stricklands have been fundamental instruments of God to develop the churches of Greece into what they are today. They have spent a great deal of time, money, labor, and prayer in an effort to fuse the churches into one body of believers. The Stricklands labored in many cities in Greece, including places such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, and various others. During their time in Greece, they have mentored many who now serve as pastors and church planters in many countries on five different continents. 

Bro. Strickland attended University of Aristotle and received his certificate of language study, is the President of Athens Bible College, National Superintendent for Greece, and serves as the official UPCI representative to Albania, Armenia, Macedonia, and Greece. Sis. Strickland was impressed to teach English as a ministry and is certified with TEFL. Sis. Strickland is also the national prayer coordinator for the Ladies’ Ministries, and has spoken at various Ladies’ Conferences. Together, the Stricklands have hosted numerous AIM workers, facilitated Biblical tours for Christian Life College, Indiana Bible College, and Texas Bible College. They have also assisted with four different AYC (Apostolic Youth Corp) trips, and hosted the world conference in 1995. There are three major national conferences in Greece the Stricklands head up each year, and they are the All Greek, All Nations, and National Greek conferences. 

In addition to their ministerial and educational accomplishments, they have also nurtured their three sons into becoming profitable Christians and citizens. One son, Jonathan, is an appointed missionary to the country of Ireland, and served as a missionary to Greece. Another son, Simeon, is a pastor in Monroe, Louisiana. And their youngest son, Benjamin, is completing his pharmaceutical degree. 

The Strickland’s have many hats they must wear, and it is with the help of the Lord they are able to be so successful on their field. While it is true the Stricklands have accomplished a great deal throughout their journey, it is with deep urgency that they sense an ever present need to remain vigilant in their mission of harvesting souls. It is an Unfinished Task…


Rev. and Mrs. Joshua Moreno

Bro. Moreno met his wife, Christene, at a youth group outing in 2002. Soon thereafter, Bro. Moreno received and answered the call to preach this precious Gospel, and eventually became a licensed minister with UPCI. It didn’t take Bro. Moreno long to realize that he had more than a passing interest in Christene Raines. They began courting in 2005, fell in love, and married in 2008. They now have one beautiful daughter, Esther, and are expecting their second child. Bro. Moreno is a licensed X-Ray Technologist and worked in that field for five years. Sis. Moreno has an M.A. in Education with a PPS credential in school counseling and a B.A. in Liberal Arts. While it is true they are both highly trained professionals, they are most committed to the harvesting of souls, both locally and internationally. They were privileged to serve for three years in the state of California as youth pastors, and God also opened many doors for them to evangelize in California. They committed to serving two years as workers for the AIM program with the UPCI at a youth convention in 2003, and The Lord opened doors and brought that commitment to remembrance in 2009. Because The Lord is gracious, they were able to raise a budget to last them for two years, and in 2012 they made the move to the Europe/Middle East Region. Bro. and Sis. Moreno worked in Turkey for almost two years, and then transferred to Greece for an additional three months. Bro. Moreno is a dynamic speaker, and he and his wife have been honored to see many receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Sis. Moreno is gifted in the technology department, and The Lord has given her many opportunities to complement her husband’s ministry by assisting with web, conference, and business design. She has also utilized her passion for photography to assist in said design, both regionally and globally. Sis. Moreno is also an effective speaker at ladies’ conferences. Bro. and Sis. Moreno have answered the call to become full-time missionaries to the great nation of Greece. What a great inspiration they are to today’s generation to be willing to sacrifice careers and the comforts of home in the United States to serve all because of the call.

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