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  1. SISTER CLAMPET from Bro. Simeon’s church reports on Britney’ cancer.

    OK….so for those of you who don’t know, and those of you who do, here is a short recap on what has went on with Brittany. 2010 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her thyroid was removed and she underwent a radio active iodine treatment to kill out any remaining thyroid tissue and cancer. The treatment didn’t work, but her cancer has just been sitting there doing nothing. It doesn’t respond to chemo or radiation, so we didn’t have very many options, so the doctors just watched it. Earlier this year, St. Jude felt like it was starting to spread, so they sent us to MD Anderson a few months back to see a doc who specializes in her type of cancer. They wanted a second opinion about what to do next. At MD Anderson the ultra sound and biopsy confirmed her cancer was in her thyroid bed, around her breathing tube and vocal chords, and into one of the lymph nodes in her neck. They wanted to do surgery, but St. Jude wanted more scans. We went about 4 weeks ago and had an MRI of her neck and a full body scan. I didn’t talk back to St. Jude until today, and…………..the cancer is GONE!!!!!!!! No treatment, no surgery….just GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! They said that the MRI might miss something if it was really small, (which hers wasn’t had had showed up on the past MRI’s) but the body scan wouldn’t have missed anything, but nothing “lit up” and they said NOTHING IS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord and thank you all so much for your prayers!!! — with Brian Heath and 3 others.

  2. I want to praise to our Mighty God and Savior Jesus Christ for healing my body. Sometime between preaching Sunday morning and the evening Celebration for Sister Marguerite Hailse Bantha a 3 day old very painful stye on my eyelid completely disappeared. God relieved me of a 3 week malady on the third.


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